Creating Parks of imagination, edutainment and fun


Specialists dedicated to the development of family entertainment centers which are innovative, purposeful, and profitable. Owners of the intellectual property rights for various diversified entertainment concepts; KidzMondo, KidzMondo Village, KidzMondo Star District, KidzMondo Karnavali, KidzMondo –The Escape and Kidz Academy in Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, Turkey, KSA… Our professional approach, open communication, short lines and our broad network characterize our holding and enhance the relationship with our clients. Our services range from consultancy to complete turnkey projects. We have extensive knowledge of the leisure industry, which leads to a diverse set of competences we can offer.

KIDZ Holding S.A.L is an active member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).

Kidz Holding specializes in the development of diversified family entertainment centers that are at once educational and entertaining.

Our portfolio boasts a variety of concepts covering vocational exploration, artistic expression, and vintage fun.

We provide customized solutions for your different entertainment needs, providing concepts covering a range of facility sizes and genres.

Below is a list of our available franchise-able concepts:

  • KidzMondo
  • KidzMondo Village
  • KidzMondo Karnavali
  • KidzMondo Star District
  • KidzMondo The Escape
  • KidzMondo Water Park
  • Kidz Academy