Kidz Holding focuses on multiple elements to ensure the success of all its business ventures and franchises.

1. Location

Kidz Holding selects prime locations to develop all its facilities. These locations must have easy access to families and school groups.

2. Selection of Franchisee 

Any Kidz Holding franchisee must meet certain criteria to ensure the success of the project, primarily regarding expertise, man power, market knowledge, and financial tools.

3. Training 

All employees associated with a Kidz Holding franchise are trained in state of the art child protection techniques, as well fire and health safety.

4. Safety 

Kidz Holding concepts are characterized by the distinctive security measures taken to ensure the safety of all guests, particularly children: trained specialist dispersed throughout the facility; multiple emergency exits; clearly marked evacuation routes; full time medical care.

5. Security Software 

Proper and careful documentation through a radio frequency identification software (RFID), of anyone entering and exiting the facility will allow for guest monitoring, ensuring the wellbeing of all young guests, as well as their parents’ peace of mind.

6. Continuous Support 

Kidz Holding provides support both prior to and post opening of any franchise. This support covers location acquisition, marketing guidance, staff and key position recruitment, supply sourcing, staff induction and training, operational manuals, IT support, opening assistance, website guidelines, operational support, and so on.

7. Cultural Adaptation 

Bringing a successful brand to an international market is always challenging. Kidz Holding adapts its franchise brands to appeal to local culture while maintaining brand consistency, through the right mix of global branding and local cultural adaptation — what some call “GLOCALIZATION”. Kidz Holding ensures the success of international franchise expansion for its different concepts.