Ali Kazma

Chairman of Kidz Holding and Founder of KidzMondo Concepts

The goal of Kidz Holding Group is to become one of the major leaders and pioneers in the kids’ entertainment field not only in the region, but also around the globe. Owners of the intellectual property rights for various diversified entertainment concepts: KidzMondo, KidzMondo Village, KidzMondo Star District, KidzMondo Karnavali, KidzMondo –The Escape, Kidz Academy, and KidzMondo Water Park.

We have signed to open KidzMondo City in more than 10 countries naming so far KidzMondo Beirut, Istanbul & Doha and soon to open KidzMondo Abu Dhabi, KSA, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Russia and more… In addition to having expanded in the MENA region, GCC and Europe, we have also reached Australia to open KidzMondo city in a vocational institution in Melbourne and soon in other continents as well.

Our group continues to grow, through our devoted team, consisting of specialists dedicated to the development of family entertainment centers which are innovative, purposeful, and profitable. We create unique ideas to bring special entertainment concepts to children around the globe. In everything we do, we aim to create difference and offer excellence.