KidzMondo is an indoor theme park following the conceptual approach of edutainment or playful learning.

It is an ideal forum where social rules and values are promoted and ingrained in children to prepare them to behave as good adult citizens would in real life.


Overall Concept

KidzMondo is a replica of a real-life city which provides children between the ages of 2 to 14 with role play activities that are designed to be fun and pedagogical, based on the ‘edutainment’ or playful learning concept.


KidzMondo aims to compliment local school curricula and seeks to teach children basic citizenship values and rules, enlightening them about the society they live in today.


It is an established fact that children learn best through play and experiencing real hands on activities. The range of playful activities inside KidzMondo is exclusively created and constructed to help, encourage and advance physical growth while stimulating intellectual growth. The KidzMondo Educational Curriculum improves the development of skills and attitudes while also motivating creative thinking and enhancing self-esteem and self-confidence levels.

KidzMondo also teaches financial literacy by establishing its own economy, where kids exchange Kidlars, the local city currency, learning about money and how to utilize it.


Children can choose between 120+ different professions which are practiced in replica of the most representative establishments in an actual city; an airport, a bank, factories, a theater, shops, a police station, a fire department, a newspaper publisher, a hotel, a TV studio, a radio station, a gas station, a race track and many more…


Cognitive Development
• Attention & communication
• Imagination & creativity
• Memory & logic relations
• Scientific thinking
• Analysis & synthesis

Emotional Intelligence
• Handling of symbolic expressions
• Solving conflicts
• Construction of identity
• Gender, race & vocation patterns
• Development of subjectivity
• Sublimation of anxiety and hyperactivity

Social Development
• Moral development
• Knowledge of the adult world
• Social skills development
• Inter-racial understanding
• Preparation for working life

Psychomotor Development
• Ability of imitation
• Handling of objects
• Motor skills & coordination
• Sensory control


Currency and Bills

  • Kidlars in domination bills of 1, 5, 10 and 20.


  • Kids get a 50 Kidlars check upon entry.
  •  Kids cash the check at the bank.
  • Different prices to encourage kids to come back.

Spend, Earn & Withdraw Kidlars

  • Establishments offer job opportunities to earn Kidlars.
  • Other establishments offer entertainment opportunities where kids need to spend Kidlars.
  • ATMs to withdraw money located all around the theme park.

Save Kidlars

  • Kids can open an account at the bank to deposit their Kidlars.

Kidlar Store

  • Kids use the money they earn to buy fun gifts and useful items.
  • The only acceptable currency is the Kidlar.
  • Different prices to encourage kids to come back.